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Good Extreme Metal 2005-2016


Immolation- Harnessing Ruin 2/5

Drudkh- Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road)3/13

Dead Congregation- Purifying Consecrated Ground 5/1

Paragon Impure- To Gaius (For the Delivery of Agrippina) 6/27

Averse Sefira- Tetragrammatical Astygmata 7/26

Graveland- Fire Chariot of Destruction 10/25

Crimson Massacre- The Luster of Pandemonium






Drawn and Quartered- Hail Infernal Darkness 1/3

Ohtar- Petrified Breath of Hope 1/6

Daylight Dies- Dismantling Devotion 3/7

Drudkh- Blood in Our Wells 3/23

Summoning- Oath Bound 3/31

Woodtemple- Voices of Pagan Mountains 4/1

Celtic Frost- Monotheist 5/29

Gorgoroth- Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam 6/19

The Stone- Magla 6/23

Antaeus- Blood Libels 9/6

Xasthur- Subliminal Genocide 9/12

Suffocation- Suffocation 9/19

Ahab- The Call of the Wretched Sea 9/29

Belphegor- Pestapokalypse VI 10/31

Khors- Cold 10

The Ruins of Beverast- Rain Upon the Impure 12/24

Sorcier des Glaces- Moonrise in Total Darkness 12

Winterthrall- Nightmares for the Sleepless 12

Sammath- Dodengang





Rotting Christ- Theogonia 1/22

Necros Christos- Triune Impurity Rites 2/3

Nox-  Ixaxaar 2/19

Deathevokation- The Chalice of Ages 2

Graveland- Will Stronger than Death 3/25

Inquisition- Nefarious Dismal Orations 3/25

Mortuus- De contemplanda Morte 4/4

Monstrosity- Spiritual Apocalypse 4/5

Profanatica- Profanatitas de Domonatia 4/30

Immolation- Shadows in the Light 5/10

Trimonium- Son of a Blizzard 5/18

Drawn and Quartered- Merciless Hammer of Lucifer 6/26

Nile- Ithyphallic 7/17

Exordium- Cyanide Dreams 7

Ohtar- Human Fuel of Death 9/1

Portal- ‘Outre 9/11

Xasthur- Defective Epitaph 9/25

Fourth Monarchy- Amphilochia 9

Primordial- To the Nameless Dead 11/16

Plagued- Fire Still Burns 11/21

Blaspherian- Allegiance to the Will of Damnation




Woodtemple- Sorrow of the Wind 1/6

Dead Congregation- Graves of the Archangels 2/1

Averse Sefira- Advent Parallax 2/12

Elffor- Son of the Shades 4/4

Bahimiron- Southern Nihilism 8/12

Cosmic Atrophy- Codex Incubo 10/1

Skepticism- Alloy 10/20

Legion of Doom- The Horned Made Flesh 10/20

Deeds of Flesh- Of What’s To Come 11/18

Elffor- From the Throne of Hate 11/28

Intestine Baalism – Ultimate Instinct 12/20

Gevurahel- Un obscuro ego celestial



Blut aus Nord- Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue with the Stars 2/23

I Shalt Become- The Pendle Witch Trials 3/24

Beherit- Engram 4/9

Cruciamentum- Convocation of Crawling Chaos 5/4

Asphyx- Death…the Brutal Way 6/22

Slugathor- Echoes from Beneath 6/25

Suffocation- Blood Oath 7/3

Nazxul-  Iconoclast 7/27

Birth A.D.- Stillbirth of a Nation 7

Grave Miasma- Exalted Emanation 9/9

The Ruins of Beverast- Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite 9/11

Winterwolf- Cycle of the Werewolf 10/15

Portal- Swarth 10/20

Disma- The Vault of Membros 10

Slayer- World Painted Blood 11/3

Nokturnal Mortum- The Voice of Steel 12/26

Obsequiae- Obsequiae

Winterthrall- Stormraven

Midnight Odyssey- Firmament

War Master- Chapel of the Apocalypse




Ares Kingdom- Incendiary 1/15

Divine Eve- Vengeful and Obstinate 1/16

Decrepitaph- Beyond the Cursed Tombs 1/23

Kerasphorus- Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn 2/2

Burzum- Belus 3/8

Celestia- Archaenae Perfectii – L’ Arche Arcane des Parfaits 4/6

Wiht-Wiht 5/3

Graveland- Cold Winter Blades 5/11

Truppensturm- Salute to the Iron Emperors 5/31

Perdition Temple- Edict of the Antichrist Elect 6/28

Profanatica- Disgusting Blasphemies Against God 8/16

Autopsy- The Tomb Within 9/21

Desecresy- Arches of Entropy 11/16

Into Oblivion- Creation of a Monolith 11/27

Grave Ritual- Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death 12/15

Avzhia- In My Domains

Nargothrond- Doctrine of Lies

Innumerable Forms- Dark Worship

Orcrypt- The Mirkwood Massacre




Inquisition- Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm 1/19

Blaspherian- Infernal Warriors of Death 3/8

Wende – Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft 3/11

Ungod- Cloaked in Eternal Darkness 3/31

Morbus 666- Mortuus Cultus 4/22

Deceased- Surreal Overdose 5/13

Autopsy- Macabre Eternal 5/16

Disma- Towards the Megalith 7/19

Obsequiae- Suspended in the Brume of Eos 8/4

Sorcier des Glaces- The Puressence of Primitive Forests 8/8

Midnight Odyssey- Funerals from the Astral Sphere 8/29

Infamous- Of Solitude and Silence 9/1

Serpent Ascending- The Enigma Unsettled 9/1

Prosanctus Inferi – Red Streams of Flesh 9/2

Bahimiron- Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror 10/25

Vallenfyre- A Fragile King 10/31

Heresiarch- Hammer of Intransigence 10

Wulfgravf – For the Resurrection of Our Movement 11/1

Esoteric- Paragon of Dissonance 11/11

Funerus- Reduced to Sludge 11/22

Cruciamentum- Engulfed in Desolation 11/25

Possession Ritual- Incense of Open Gates 12/11

War Master- Pyramid of the Necropolis 12/14

Ormgård- Ormblot



Terrorizer- Hordes of Zombies 2/24

Demoncy- Enthroned is the Night 3/5

Impiety- Ravage and Conquer 4/2

Inverloch- Dusk/Subside 4/10

Headhunter D.C. – …in Unholy Mourning… 4/13

Imprecation- Jehovah Denied 4/14

Beherit- Celebrate the Dead 5/3

Ødelegger- The Titan’s Tomb 5/23

Desecresy- The Doom Skeptron 6/1

Drawn and Quartered- Feeding Hell’s Furnace 6/24

Master- The New Elite 7/5

Genocide Shrines- Devanation Monumentemples 7/7

Dead Hills- Purgatory/Winds of Time 8/15

Grave- Endless Procession of Souls 8/24

Chthe’ilist- Amechth’ntaas’m’rriachth 8

Legion of Doom- The Summoning of Shadows 9/4

Thevetat- Disease to Divide 9/7

Into Oblivion- Under the Banner of the Serpent Sun 9/15

Abysme- Strange Rites 9/25

Eschaton- Unshaken 9

Beithíoch- Summoning the Past 10/9

Kawir- Isotheos 10/11

Toderlebend > Day of Resurrection 10/11

Incantation- Vanquish in Vengeance 11/26

Innumerable Forms- Frozen to Death



Abyssal- Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius 1/1

Centurian- Contra Rationem 1/28

Flamen- Supremo Die 1/28

Remains- …Of Death 2/6

Krypts- Unending Degradation 2/19

Sinistrous Diabolus- Total Doom//Desecration 2/22

Lifeless- Godconstruct 3/1

Slaughterday- Cosmic Horror 3/1

Infamous- Abisso 3/20

October Tide- Tunnel of No Light 3/25

Nihilistinen Barbaarisuus- Synkkä Tuuli

Morgengrau- Extrinsic Pathways 4/2

Birth A.D.- I Blame You 4/8

Revel in Flesh- Manifested Darkness 4/12

Bhagavat- Annunciazione 4

Thou Art Lord- The Regal Pulse of Lucifer 5/13

Imprecation- Satanae Tenebris Infinita 5/28

Summoning- Old Morning’s Dawn 6/5

Zealotry- The Charnel Expanse 6/13

Autopsy- The Headless Ritual 6/24

Deeds of Flesh- Portals to Canaan 6/25

Graveland- Thunderbolts of the Gods 6

Abominant- Onward to Annihilation 7

Impiety- The Impious Crusade 8/6

War Master- Blood Dawn 8/7

Cóndor- Nadia 8/9

Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night 8/21

Grave- Morbid Ascent 8/26

Solar Deity- Devil Worship 9/1

The Ruins of Beverast- Blood Vaults 9/6

Thou Shell of Death- Sepulchral Silence 9/13

Disfigurement- Soul Rot 9/19

Master- The Witchhunt 9/27

Nidhogg/”Ildjarn”- Those Once Mighty Fallen 10/1

Zloslut- Zloslutni horizont – Donosilac prokletstva, očaja i smrti 10/1

Cosmic Church- Ylistys 10/11

Tarnkappe- Tussen hun en de zon 10/13

Warmaster- The End of Humanity 10/30

Kever- Eon of Cycling Death 11/8

Deicide- In the Minds of Evil 11/22

Derogatory- Above All Else 12/6

Imposition- Memento Mori 12/13

Rotten- Cryptic Catacombs 12



Domains- Sinister Ceremonies 1/5

Nausea- Condemned to the System 1/7

Frost Legion- Death of Mankind 1/23

Infamous- Rovine e disperazione 1/31

Sammath- Godless Arrogance 2/3

Burial Hordes- Incendium 2/10

Howls of Ebb- Vigils of the Third Eye 2/15

Morfin- Inoculation 2/21

Shroud of the Heretic- Revelations in Alchemy 3/3

Conquering Dystopia- Conquering Dystopia 3/10

Heresiarch- Waelwulf 3/11

Sorcier Des Glaces- Ritual of the End 3

Enthroned- Sovereigns 4/15

Desecresy- Chasmic Transcendence 4/15

Blood Urn- Of Gory Sorcery and Death 4/20

Remains- Angels Burned 4/20

Autopsy- Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves 4/21

Dead Congregation- Promulgation of the Fall 5/5

Ripper- Raising the Corpse 5/30

Question- Doomed Passages 6/9

Rippikoulu- Ulvaja 6/13

Dead Hills- Ouroboric 6/19

Witchblood- Hail to Lyderhorn 6

Unaussprechlichen Kulten – Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath 7/21

Sinmara- Aphotic Womb 8/28

Dhwesha- Sthoopa 9/1

Exhumation- Opus Death 9/9

Hod- Book of the Worm 9/9

Lago- Tyranny 9/16

Destroying Divinity- Hollow Dominion 9/21

Execration- Morbid Dimensions 9/29

Woodtemple- Forgotten Pride 9/30

Encoffination- III – Hear Me, O’ Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs) 10/21

Soulburn- The Suffocating Darkness 11/14

Varathron- Untrodden Corridors of Hades 11/21

Entrench- Violent Procreation 11/21

Blaspherian- Upon the Throne…of Eternal Blasphemous Death 11/28

Corpse Machine- Depths of the Abyss 12/16



Archgoat- The Apocalyptic Triumphator 1/27

Cóndor-  Duin 1/27

Ancient Wind- The Chosen Slain 1/27

Thou Shell of Death- Cave Hill 1/30

Perdition Temple- The Tempter’s Victorious 1/31

Abscession- Grave offerings 2/1

Abyssum- Cum Foeda Sanie Ex Ore 2/6

Nidhogg- Nidhogg 2/17

Morpheus Descends- From Blackened Crypts 2/27

Kjeld- Skym 3/2

Toxemia- Ancient Demon 3/3

Funerus- The Black Death 3/17

Bureviy- Concealed Beyond the Space 3/22

Dawning- Pilgrimage to Umunhum 3/23

Undead- False Prophecies 4/27

Isa- Отход на закате 5/1

No God Only Pain- Joy of Suffering 5/10

Aversion- Aversion 5/10

Luciferian Rites- When the Light Dies 5/12

Funeste- Demo MMXV 5/14

Triguna- Embryonic Forms 5/17

Path to Ruin- Path to Ruin 5/20

Obsequiae- Aria of Vernal Tombs 5/26

Necrophor- Exterminatus 5

Undergang- Døden læger alle sår 7/10

Blasphemic Cruelty- Crucible of the Infernus 7/20

Perversor- Anticosmocrator 7/27

Shroud of the Heretic- Unorthodox Equilibrium 7/31

Remains- Evoking Darkness 8/8

Infamous- Tempesta 8/18

Kaeck- Stormkult 8/21

Trench Warfare- Perversion Warfare 8/24

Blood Incantation- Interdimensional Extinction 8/29

Cruciamentum- Charnel Passages 9/4

Praise the Flame- Manifest Rebellion 9/21

Varathron- The Confessional of the Black Penitents 10/23

Beithíoch- Conquest 10/31

Desecresy- Stoic Death 11/1

Zloslut- U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama 11/15

Condemner- Omens of Perdition 12/22



Affliction Gate- Dying Alone 1/5

Ancestor’s Blood- Hyperborea 1/9

Chthe’ilist- Le dernier crepuscule 1/29

Kshatriya- Vsque ad Sidera Vsque ad Inferos 2/1

No God Only Pain- Roads to Serfdom 2/2

Cirith Gorgor- Visions of Exalted Lucifer 2/12

Graveland- The Spirit Never Dies 2/15

Olkoth- The Immortal Depths 2/23

Morbus 666- Ignis Divine Imperium 2/26

Sorcier Des Glaces- North 2/29

Ripper- Experiment of Existence 3/4

Death Fortress- Deathless March of the Unyielding 3/31

Zealotry- The Last Witness 4/22

Satanic Prophecy- Azoth 4/22/16

Infamous/Gratzug split 6/1

Imposition- Dark Mysticism 8/23

Sorcier des Glaces / Ende > Le puits des morts 9/20

Dead Congregation- Sombre Doom 10/22

Tarnkappe- Winterwaker 12/1



‘Second Wave’ Black Metal Chronology(1990-1997)


Merciless- The Awakening

Mayhem- Studio Tracks

Blasphemy- Fallen Angel of Doom

Beherit- Dawn of Satan’s Millennium


Samael- Worship Him

Rotting Christ- Passage to Arcturo

Thorns- Grymyrk

Arcturus- My Angel

Goatlord- Reflections on the Solstice

Beherit- The Oath of Black Blood

Immortal- Immortal

Burzum- Demo I and II

Malfeitor- Malfeitor


Darkthrone- A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Burzum- Burzum

Bestial Summoning- The Dark War Has Begun

Necromantia/Varathron- Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins

Varathron/Necromantia- Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins

Throne of Ahaz- At the Mountains of Northern Storms

Baxaxaxa- Hellfire

Immortal- Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

Emperor- Wrath of the Tyrant

Mystifier- Wicca

Impaled Nazarene- Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz…

Thorns- Trøndertun

Enslaved- Yggdrasill

Von- Satanic Blood

Incarnator- Nordic Holocaust

Azhubham Haani- On A Snowy Winternight


Ildjarn- Ildjarn

Burzum- Aske

Gorgoroth- A Sorcery Written in Blood

Emperor- Emperor

Graveland- In the Glare of Burning Churches

Ildjarn- Norse

Havohej- Dethrone the Son of God

Primordial- Dark Romanticism… Sorrow’s Bitter Harvest…

Darkthrone- Under a Funeral Moon

Enslaved- Hordanes Land

Mortiis- The Song of A Long Forgotten Ghost

Blasphemy- Gods of War

Mayhem- Live in Leipzig

Burzum- Det som engang var

Varathron- His Majesty At the Swamp

Ungod- Circle of the Seven Infernal Pacts

Moëvöt- Abgzvoryathre

Marduk- Those of the Unlight

Mortify- …And Darkness Was Upon

Immortal- Pure Holocaust

Ulver- Vargnatt

Rotting Christ- Thy Mighty Contract

Beherit- Drawing Down the Moon

Impaled Nazarene- Ugra-Karma

Dissection- The Somberlain

Beherit- Messe Des Morts

Mortiis- Født til å herske

Abigor- Lux Devicta Est

Hades- Alone Walkyng

Strid- End of Life

Rotting Christ- Αποκαθήλωσις

Manes- Maanens Natt

Yamatu- Awakening of the Knights


Dawn- Nær Sólen Gar Niþer For Evogher

Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger

Emperor- In the Nightside Eclipse

Enslaved- Vikingligr Veldi

Ildjarn- Minnesjord

Behemoth- …from the Pagan Vastlands

Burzum- Hvis lyset tar oss

Dark Funeral- Dark Funeral

Mayhem- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

Graveland- The Celtic Winter

Ancient- Svartalvheim

Mütiilation- Satanist Styrken

Xibalba- Ah Dzam Poop Ek

Enslaved- Frost

Arcturus- Constellation

Emperor- As the Shadows Rise

Behemoth- And the Forests Dream Eternally

Satyricon- The Shadowthrone

Mütiilation- Black Imperial Blood (Travel)

Rotting Christ- Non Serviam

Gorgoroth- Pentagram

Abigor- Verwüstung/Invoke the Dark Age

Tartaros- The Heritage From the Past

Necromass- Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana

Dimmu Borgir- For all tid

Graveland- Carpathian Wolves

Hades- …Again Shall Be

Covenant- From the Storm of Shadows

Kawir- Eumenides

Gehenna- First Spell

Thou Art Lord- Eosforos

Obtained Enslavement- Centuries of Sorrow

The Black- The Priest of Satan

Bestial Warlust- Vengeance War ‘Till Death

Thirst- The Might of the Pagan Belief

Mortiis- Ånden som gjorde opprør

Sacramentum- Finis Malorum

Strid- Strid

Dies Irae- Circle of Leth

Veles- The Triumph of Pagan Beliefs

Manes- Ned I Stillheten

Yamatu- Shakugu’s Genesis

Mütiilation- Hail Satanas We Are the Black Legions

Satyricon- Dark Medieval Times


Dødheimsgard- Kronet til konge

Mayhem- The Dawn of the Black Hearts

Ulver- Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler

Manes- Til Kongens Grav De Døde Vandrer

Parnassus- Demo II

Absu- The Sun of Tiphareth

Abigor- Orkblut- The Retaliation

Summoning- Lugburz

Nåstrond- Digerdöden

Behemoth- Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)

Immortal- Battles in the North

Arckanum- Fran Marder

Absurd- Thuringian Pagan Madness

Darkthrone- Panzerfaust

Veles- Night on the Bare Mountain

Abigor- Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom)

Primordial- Imrama

Tha-Norr- Wolfenzeitalter

Summoning- Minas Morgul

Parrnassus- In Doloriam Gloria

Dissection- Storm of the Light’s Bane

Vlad Tepes/Belkètre- March to the Black Holocaust

Belkètre/Vlad Tepes- March to the Black Holocaust

Ancient- Trolltaar

Branikald- Varg Fjerne a Tornet

Graveland- Thousand Swords

Mütiilation- Vampires of Black Imperial Blood

Throne of Ahaz- Nifelheim

Varathron- Walpurgisnacht

Ildjarn- Ildjarn

Mörk Gryning – Tusen år har gått…

Mortiis- Keiser av en dimension ukjent

Fullmoon- United Aryan Evil

Zyklon-B- Blood Must Be Shed

Black Murder- Feasts

Blazemth- For Centuries Left Behind

Wanderer- Surrounded By These Firs


Burzum- Filosofem

Kvist- For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike

Behemoth- Grom

Darkthrone- Total Death

Dimmu Borgir- Stormblåst

Dark Funeral- The Secrets of the Black Arts

Ildjarn- Svartfråd

Kampfar- Kampfar

Setherial- Nord…

Satyricon- Nemesis Divina

Sacramentum- Far Away From the Sun

Agatus- Dawn of Martyrdom

Gorgoroth- Antichrist

Arcturus- Aspera Hiems Symfonia

Ildjarn- Forest Poetry

Lord Wind- Forgotten Songs

Abigor- Opus IV

Darkthrone- Goatlord

Branikald- Kveldulv

Throne of Ahaz- On Twilight Enthroned

Avzhia- Dark Emperors

Mayhem- Out From the Dark

Ildjarn- Strength and Anger

Sort Vokter- Folkloric Necro Metal

Niden Div. 187- Towards Judgment

Black Funeral- Vampyr – Throne of the Beast

Absurd- Facta Loquuntur

Dawn- Sorgh på Svarte Vingar Fløgh

Gnome- Under the Black Moon

Blazemth- Fatherland


Summoning- Dol Guldur

Absu- The Third Storm of Cythraul

Nox Intempesta- Die Lieder von Tod und Ewigkeit

Arckanum- Kostogher

Ulver- Nattens Madrigal

Necrophobic- Darkside

Immortal- Blizzard Beasts

Enslaved- Eld

Abigor- Apokalypse

Summoning- Nightshade Forests

Emperor- Anthems to the Welkin At Dusk

Kampfar- Mellom Skogkledde Aaser

Sacramentum- The Coming of Chaos

Niden Div. 187- Impergium

Veles- Black Hateful Metal

Dornenreich- Nicht um zu sterben

Burzum- Dauði Baldrs

Gorgoroth- Under the Sign of Hell

Mayhem- Wolf’s Lair Abyss

Graveland- Following the Voice of Blood

Obtained Enslavement- Witchcraft

Gontyna Kry- Welowie

Limbonic Art- In Abhorrence Dementia

Lord Belial- Enter the Moonlight Gate

Parnassus- Let the Stars Fall and the Kingdom Come

Haven in Shadows- Moments of Honour

Averse Sefira- Blasphomet Sin Abset